This is our flagship. We love mobile devices but we also believe that nothing beats the desktop experience for the task-oriented computer activities. That is why Clipà.Vu for Desktop is and always will be our primary product. In the cloud sync word this desktop version acts as the main clips collector; all our other mobile apps are (not only but) rather a complimentary products that give you a fast access to clips collected by Clipà.Vu Desktop.
  • Current version: 4.1.1544
  • Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Our flagship
  • Optimized for your productivity
  • Cloud sync ‘collector’

Free or Paid?

We offer a free fully functional version. Even Cloud Sync feature is included in the free version – its only limitation is the capacity of the items stored. Probably you want to start with the free version and in case you find find it useful you can unlock its full capacity by purchasing the paid version.

Clipà.Vu for Windows Desktop
US $7.77
  • All the features the paid version has...
  • 10.000 History clips
  • 1.000 Favorite clips
  • 1.000 Images
Clipà.Vu for Windows Desktop Free
  • ... are fully functional in the free version too but there is a limitation in the capacity of items stored:
  • 10 History clips
  • 3 Favorite clips
  • 3 Images

Desktop Version Licensing In Detail

  • Price: US $7.77
  • Number of computers: 5

    Once you paid you can install the desktop version on up to 5 machines – as long it is YOU who uses the program.

  • License duration: Lifelong

    This version is YOURS and always will be.

  • Free updates: 1 year

    Not only you get the version you bought but also all the versions released within the calendar year after the date you purchased.

  • 365 days after you purchased:

    If you install a version that was released 1 year after your purchase you will be asked to pay an upgrade fee. Paid update costs . Of course you do not need to update and you can keep the version you bought or any version that was released within the year of your free update period. If you lost the original installer you can download it in our Download Archive below. If you update you will not only get the latest version but again the right to install all the features developed withing the next 365 days.

Is your app running in the FREE (limited) mode?

The red FREE ribbon is a symbol of the free (limited) mode. The most limiting factor is only 10 history clips being accessible. You can surely use the limited version efficiently for your daily tasks but our hope is that one day you realize that it is worth to spend US $7.77 to unlock the full potential of this application. For this price you will get:

Desktop Version Licensing Explained
  • 1 year of free updates
  • Up to 10.000 history clips
  • Up to 1.000 favorites
  • Up to 1.000 images
  • Faster search
  • And more…

Considering an update to a recently released version?

Is the update Free or Paid? That depends on the date you originally purchased the app.

  • The steps below are performed automatically by the app. You need a manual check only if you use a very old app version (~2014 or earlier).
  • Figure out the date when you free updates period expires: Clipà.Vu for Windows Desktop app > Settings > Licensing > Show licensing dialog.
  • Scroll down to find out the release date of the version you would like to update to.
  • Compare your expiration date with the release date of the version you want to install and then decide:



Keep using your current version.

Is your app “suddenly” running in the FREE (limited) mode?

Desktop Version Licensing Explained

You noticed the red FREE ribbon and only 10 history clips being displayed? That is because you installed a version that was released AFTER your free-updates period expired. The version you originally bought you can use lifetime long. And as described in the diagram above you get for free all the versions published within 365 days after your purchase date. This time, however, you installed a version published more than a year after your purchase and therefore it operates in the limited mode only.


Download your older version below. You should pick the version released no later than 365 days after your purchase.

Downloads Archive

Current stable version

4.1.1544linkOctober 16, 2016Cloud Sync, Database Storage, Simplifications, Bug Fixes

Older versions

VersionDownloadDateDescription 07, 2015Formatted text support 24, 2015The last version without formatted text support, improvements and bug fixes 30, 2015Bug fixes November 20, 2014Favorites reordering by drag&drop 12, 2014Clip preview possibility, more extensive options 08, 2014Mini (gadget-like) user interface introduced 05, 2014Initial release of the desktop version, direct pasting to the target apps