Clipà.Vu for Windows Desktop – Shortcuts

The shortcuts represent the fastest way how to perform many Clipà.Vu actions. Typically you want to quickly show Clipà.Vu window, select any of the stored clips and paste it back to the application where you were before.
These shortcuts are valid only for the Clipà.Vu Desktop version. They do not work in any of the Metro nor gadget versions.
To be sure all the shortcuts work in all situation you should consider running Clipà.Vu Desktop with the elevated permissions. See the bottom of this page to learn the details.

Global Shortcuts to Show / Hide Clipà.Vu window

Often you will experience a need to quickly show (activate) Clipà.Vu window, perform some action and then hide (deactivate, minimize) it again. You can do it with the following shortcuts. These shortcuts work from any Windows application. That means if you are currently working with Notepad, Word, Chrome or any other app and press 3x Ctrl, Clipà.Vu window will pop up to be prepared to perform its actions.

Please notice! These global shortcuts do not work from applications that are ran with elevated permissions. Read below how to solve this problem.

ActionShortcut 1   Shortcut 2   Shortcut 3   
Show / Hide (Deactivate, Minimize) Clipà.Vu window3x CtrlHold down Ctrl + CCustomizable shortcut, Shift + Control + C by default

Local Shortcuts, these work only when Clipà.Vu window is active

ActionShortcut 01   Shortcut 02   Shortcut 03   
Switch between History / Favorites2x Ctrl
Navigate rightCtrl + Right ArrowCtrl + X
Navigate leftCtrl + Left ArrowCtrl + Z
Navigate downCtrl + Down ArrowCtrl + CFirst click / first touch
Navigate upCtrl + Up ArrowCtrl + DFirst click / first touch
Primary clip action (Copy to Clipboard by default) on selected (Xth) itemEnterNum X
(E.g. press key 2 to copy item #2 to Clipboard)
Double-click / second touch
Secondary clip action (Copy to Clipboard AND paste to the target app by default) on the selected (Xth)Ctrl + EnterCtrl + Num X
(E.g. press Ctrl + 3 to copy item #3 to Clipboard AND paste into the target app)
Ctrl + double-click
Tertiary clip action (Paste to the target app by default) on selected (Xth) itemRight-click
Delete selected clipDel
Start text filtering (searching for a given clip)Any letter
Stop filteringEsc

Typical Shortcut Sequences

Example 1: Open your text editor, press 3x Ctrl to show Clipà.Vu, release Ctrl key and hit number 2. That will copy item #2 to Windows Clipboard and you can manually paste it to the text editor or any other program.
Example 2: Do the same as above but keep holding Ctrl and press 2. That will copy item #2 to Windows Clipboard but ALSO paste it to the target program.
Example 3: Open your text editor, hold down Ctrl + Win for 1 second. Keep holding these two keys and also hit number 2. This will paste the clip into the target program but Windows Clipboard will stay unchanged.
Example 4: Open your text editor, hold Ctrl+C without any text being selected – that opens Clipà.Vu. Keep holding Ctrl and press C couple of times to navigate down. Still holding Ctrl press V to perform the final paste operation.
Please notice! Examples are based on the default selection of the primary, secondary and tertiary clip actions. If you swap those in the option dialog you should also expect the swapped functionality.

Global Shortcuts: Elevated Permissions Problem

Some of the shortcuts mentioned above cannot work if you use them in an application launched with elevated permissions (‘Run as administrator’ option). Let us explain it by an example: Clipà.Vu is running in the background, you start Notepad, write something there and hit 3x Ctrl. That will bring Clipà.Vu into foreground so you can easily select any of its older clips and paste them back to Notepad. However if Notepad has been started with elevated privileges (‘Run as administrator’) the 3x Ctrl shortcut will not work, Clipà.Vu will not appear. Neither the direct pasting work in this case.

To fix it, Clipà.Vu itself must be also ran with the elevated permissions. Follow up this short tutorial to learn how to do it.