Cloud Sync feature is optional and deactivated by default. This page will help you to decide whether you want to activate it. Clipà.Vu will save plenty of your time even without this feature. Read below, understand and make your free decision…

Why to use Cloud Sync?

  • Your clips can be synced across all your PCs

  • … and also across all your mobile devices (Available Q4 2017)

  • Probably the most effective way how to quickly exchange data between your PC and mobile device (Available Q4 2017)

  • Your clips are automatically backed up. Next time you install Clipà.Vu it will be pre-loaded with your current and older data.
  • There is no need to have any cloud service provider client software installed on your PC/device. All you need is a valid cloud service provider account.
  • There are no any disadvantages from the usability perspective.
  • Read below to consider security and privacy aspects.

Is it secure?

  • All your data (including images) is encrypted!
  • That means the selected cloud provider cannot read it.
  • We (Clipà.Vu) do not provide any cloud storage. All your data is physically stored on your local computer or on your preferred cloud provider servers.
  • That means we never get a chance to physically access your data.
  • Obviously your data (even when encrypted) will not be stored on your local computer only.
  • Some level of trust to your preferred cloud provider (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, …) is a precondition.
  • Some level of your trust to our encryption algorithm is also required.
The key point in our cloud sync security model is the separation of the encryption / decryption abilities from the physical access to your data. We (Clipà.Vu) know how to decrypt your data but because we do not provide any cloud storage functionality we cannot physically access your data. Your cloud provider, on the other hand, can access your data but they cannot decrypt it. If you have ever trusted some your files to any of the the well established cloud providers you can trust this sync model even more because it delivers an extra security layer: The separation of concerns.

How does it work?

Generally talking Clipà.Vu application uses the cloud provider (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive) of your choice the same way you use it as a user. Have you ever put any photo or text file to e.g. Dropbox and synced it with your other computer? Then you did something similar Clipà.Vu does.

There is however one big difference. Clipà.Vu adds one more security layer on top of the one provided by your cloud provider. It encrypts all your clips into unreadable stream of characters. It also splits your clips to different files whereas only Clipà.Vu knows how to use them.


Currently (Q1 2017) only Dropbox is available as Clipà.Vu cloud provider. Support of the other cloud services (OneDrive, Google Drive, …) will be added in the foreseeable future.