Use secure and convenient PayPal to purchase the next year of free updates period. Read licensing details section here to understand why you might want to do it.
The process is almost the same as it was when you purchased the product the first time – the difference is that you will receive a new activation key.

  • Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer users! Please use Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser to perform the payment. PayPal ‘Buy Now’ button momentarily does not operate correctly in Edge and IE. We will try to fix this problem soon.

License update tutorial

1) Log-in to your PayPal and do the purchase.

2) You will receive a new activation key on your PayPal email address shortly after your payment checkout.

4) Open Settings > Licensing > Show licensing dialog.

5) Click the ‘Enter license key’ button to proceed…

6) Copy & paste your email and activation key. Please notice that PayPal email address is case sensitive!

7)  Press ‘Activate’ and…

8) Enjoy (-:

9) Do not delete the email you received and / or save the activation key (together with your PayPal email address) on your favorite place. You will need those in the future if you want to activate Clipà.Vu on another computer.