Before you update the old gadget…

Try our new and much more powerful desktop app

  • 4.1.1613
  • Can be as small as the gadget
  • Can be resized to larger and more comfortable window
  • Free in its limited version
  • Smart hotkeys
  • Formatted text
  • Cloud sync
  • Data encryption
  • … and many other useful features

Gadget download

  • Current version:
  • Windows Vista / 7
  • Built on Windows (Sidebar) Gadgets platform
  • Tiny & simple while still efficient
  • Free forever but no new features planned
  • Loved by thousands since 2006 🙂

Gadget update tutorial

1) Manually close the old gadget instance. Click the ‘x’ button that pops up left from the main gadget UI.

2) Double-click the downloaded ClipboardManager.gadget file.

3) Click the Install button if you’re prompted with a “Do you want to install this gadget?” security warning.

4) Click the Replace button.

5) The gadget appears and very probably will ask you for a restart. You can either restart the whole computer (easy but time consuming) or only the gadget hosting process (sidebar.exe).

6) A simple (but time consuming) way is to restart the whole computer. If you want an easy way just restart the computer and you are finished. Iif you consider yourself to be a slightly advanced Windows user then you would rather prefer the next three steps.

7) Right-click Windows Taskbar and Start Task Manager.

8) Kill the sidebar.exe process.

9) Right-click somewhere on Windows Desktop and select Gadgets. This will start the sidebar.exe process again.

10) Enjoy the new version (-: