Before you install the gadget…

Try our new and much more powerful desktop app

  • 4.1.1613
  • Can be as small as the gadget
  • Can be resized to larger and more comfortable window
  • Free in its limited version
  • Smart hotkeys
  • Formatted text
  • Cloud sync
  • Data encryption
  • … and many other useful features

Gadget download

  • Current version:
  • Windows Vista / 7
  • Built on Windows (Sidebar) Gadgets platform
  • Tiny & simple while still efficient
  • Free forever but no new features planned
  • Loved by thousands since 2006 🙂

Gadget installation tutorial

1) Double-click the downloaded ClipboardManager.gadget file.

2) Click the Install button if prompted with the security warning.

3) Sometimes the gadget selection dialog pops up. Double-click Clipboard Manager icon.

4) That is it. Enjoy (-: