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When and how (often) does Clipà.Vu access the Internet?

First of all please read our Privacy Policy

If you switched on Cloud Sync feature we recommend to read its dedicated page, this article corresponds mainly to the “Performance data” chapter.


Below we list the sources of Internet connection Clipà.Vu connect to Internet for these purposes:

1) Analytics. We measure the usage of individual features, we look how many users use which version and some other very standard analytics tasks.

2) Bug reporting. Every time the app crashes it sends us an info why that happen. Usually we try to fix within hours. Sometimes we do not leave the app crash completely in the uncritical case of some subsystem failure (not to interrupt your work and disturb you) but still the app sends bug report called “Warning”. These we try to fix within few days.

3) Licensing info. In case you activate new license the app reaches Clipà.Vu Licensing Server.

4) New version available check. Happens once shortly after the app start.

5) News check. Similar to version check above where we would get chance to inform you about any important news. From our side is this feature used very rarely.

6) In case you enabled Cloud Sync feature then obviously the app communicates with your cloud provider. Of course the data communicated is encrypted as explained here.

7) On very few occasions the app “pings” address – just to verify your Internet connection is really working.


You are always welcome to use some verification tools like the ones recommended here.

In the improbable case you discover a connection not listed above please inform us on [email protected].

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