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We are Dropbox API v2 ready!

Important for everybody who enabled Cloud Sync feature! Dropbox announced deprecation of their API v1 by June 2017 We deliver new version based on API v2 by the beginning of April 2017 Everybody who enabled Cloud Sync feature must update to the latest Clipà.Vu version Otherwise your sync experience will stop working Download update here.

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You requested, we listened!

The latest development was mainly driven by you. We gathered and analyzed your feedback and implemented the most requested changes. Download here. List of changes: New flyout (popup) window showing the whole clip content 2x Ctrl changed to 3x Ctrl Other new shortcuts (Ctrl + Win, Custom Global Shortcut, etc) Extensive personalization via new Options [...]

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Desktop with Mini UI released

Have you been using our old Clipboard Manager Gadget for many years and you got used to its tiny user interface? Do you work on a laptop with a limited screen? Try out the alternative Mini UI. You lose absolutely nothing from the powerful Clipa.Vu functionality but you achieve it from our new tiny UI. [...]

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Desktop Version reached Beta 2 milestone

Clipà.Vu Clipboard for Windows Desktop reached its Beta 2 phase. The installer has been sent to 100+ beta testers. Let's wait for their experience but we are optimistic and can claim that now we are only weeks away from the public release.

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More news available on social media

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Newsletter list created

From today on you can sign up for our newsletter. We will use this channel very sporadically announcing major features / events / apps only. Follow us on social media to get the latest news.

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Intro video finished

It was a looong and painful process... but at the same time very creative and exciting one! And now we have a result - the very first video about our product. Watch it on our Homepage or directly on YouTube. We hope that it helps all the newcomers to grab immediately what is Clipà.Vu about.

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