Clipboard Manager Gadget
  • Simple but productive. No new features planned but will always be proudly offered by us. Loved by 100,000's since 2006!
Clipà.Vu for Windows
  • Our flagship. Optimized for your productivity. The richest user experience. Highly customizable. Cloud sync 'collector'.
Clipà.Vu for Windows
  • The fastest way how to share your data to your Windows Phone. Cloud sync 'consumer'.
Clipà.Vu for Android
Phone / Tablet
  • The fastest way how to share your data to your Android phone. Cloud sync 'consumer'.
Clipà.Vu for iOS
iPhone / iPad
  • The fastest way how to share your data to your iPhone / iPad. Cloud sync 'consumer'.

Quickly reuse your older clips!

Reuse across all your PCs!

Ever forgot data on your other PC? Ever sent email to yourself? No anymore.

Reuse smartly

Reuse clips. Clip for reuse.

Reuse the way YOU prefer.

Reuse on your mobile.


Reuse safely.

Features That Matter

Those make you productive.

Why is Clipà.Vu loved?

’Cause it is loved (-;

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Susan W

Intuitive and easy to learn.

Helps with languages.

Corresponding from English to Spanish… It makes it so much simpler with the accents.

David C

Incredibly useful!

Fantastic helpful!

Thank you for this time-saver. I do not know how I got on previously without it. Plus now I can use ideas I had some time before – they are not lost.

Erez S

Helpful support

Thanks man!

Very much appreciate your effort and diligence! This tool is VERY handy. Neat place to save/transfer data.

Patrick D

Indispensable assistant


I’ve discovered your tool by coincidence and it shortly became my indispensable assistant.

Natalie L

I absolutely LOVE this app!!!

My feedback?

Well, there’s nothing to say except I LOVE it!!! It’s so useful, I use it quite often.
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